What is Botox Injection

Botox is a medicine that can be injected into muscles underneath the skin to improve the appearance of forehead lines, crows’ feet lines and frown lines. Botox injection works by simply blocking nerve impulses to the injected muscles, reducing the activities of dermis to create a smooth and refreshed appearance.

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Botox injection has become so popular in North America due to its effectiveness and proven safety track record that there are more than 5 million Botox injections performed each year.

As we age, raising the eyebrows or worry may develop lines on our forehead and frown lines between our eyebrows, while squinting or smiling may form the crows’ feet lines around our eyes.

Are you considering doing a little something for yourself with Botox injections? Would you like to join the millions of men and women who have benefited with cosmetic injections? Our team of experienced physicians and nurses would be happy to assess your concerns and create a treatment plan based on your specific needs.

Botox Injection FAQ

Most patients may see improvement within a couple of days after Botox injection. However, it can take up to 2 weeks to see the results.

It is injected with a very small needle

Prior to the injection treatment, the injector may apply an anesthetic cream to the area. Most patients only experienced a little pinch, which is minimal and brief.

Botox injection is not permanent. The visible results usually last about 3-4 months, but everyone can be different. Most patients who get their first 3 treatments done “back to back” every 3 months, find that:

  • their next injection lasts approx. 4 months
  • then the next injection lasts approx. 5 months
  • and the following injection lasts approx. 6 months
  • patients who stay on our prompt treatment schedule can stabilize their treatments at approximately 2 times per year.

No! Your face will never get worse if you stop using Botox injection or when it wears off. Botox injection stops/slows” the clock of aging. When you stop getting injections, the “aging clock” resumes like normal. At the very minimum, you will simply return to where you started. If you use Botox injection for a number of years and then stop – your muscles learn to relax and therefore you will end up looking a little better than when you originally started.

The cost of Botox injection varies by each patient and the number of units needed. The exact number of units you require to achieve the look you want will be discussed during your personal consultation.

A unit of Botox Cosmetic is simply a very tiny measurement of drug.

Side effects are RARE and NOT PERMANENT. Rarely, there can be some minor bruising, localized pain, infection, inflammation, tenderness, swelling and redness. Most Botox patients do not experience any side effects at all.

Botox stays local to the muscle where it was injected. After the injection, Botox is simply metabolized and broken down into natural byproducts within a few hours.

No. It is recommended that you wait until you are finished breast feeding to have your Botox injection done. Although there is no clinical evidence to prove any harm to the mother or baby – we prefer to be safe.

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